An incomplete update-history of this website


First steps towards "Responsive Design"

New pages:

Updated pages:
- Nintendo GameCube
- Nintendo Wii
- Nintendo Wii U
- Nintendo Switch
- Nintendo DS lite
- Nintendo 3DS XL
- Sega Mega Drive
- Sega Saturn
- Sega Dreamcast


Website Relaunch!
New design & Works-Section is finally back, filled with a lot of old and new content.

New pages:
- Works
- Works/2D
- Works/3D
- Works/Webdesign
- Works/Games
- Works/Photography
- Works/Photography/People
- Works/Photography/Photomanipulations
- Works/Photography/Concerts
- Works/Photography/Various

Updated pages:
- Atari 2600
- Microsoft Xbox


More internal optimizations, small design updates, menu is now sticky.

New page:
- Full news

Updated pages:
- Commodore Amiga CD32
- MB MicroVision
- NEC PC Engine Duo-R
- Nintendo Gamecube
- Nintendo Wii U
- Nintendo Switch
- Philips CD-i 450
- SNK / Tommo NeoGeo X


More internal optimizations and restructuring.

Updated pages:
- Bandai WonderSwan
- Benesse Pocket Challenge V2
- Nintendo SNES


PHP-Parts updated to work again with new PHP version on server.

New overall-design. More CSS, less image-files for page-layout.

Updated pages:
- Nintendo Switch
- Microsoft Xbox One


Some internal changes

The video game lists are currently completely outdated and have to be redone

I have to rebuild/redesign the complete "Works" section. Hopefully I can recover / reconstruct all the old data. Could still take a while.

Updated pages:
- About
Background: Take my hand (2007) • Model: Freaka